Monday, July 04, 2011

Short and sweet

I am typing one handed while Wyatt sleeps on my shoulder and Nathan rages in the background.  Going to bed is HARD for him.  Hell, it's hard on all of us when Nathan goes to bed!  Life here has been hectic hence the lag of blogging.  Summer "vacation" has had its ups and downs.  I find juggling both kids to be absolutely exhausting and it is made more so by Wyatt's need to wake up and eat.  But here we are over halfway through.  I can't believe that vacay is almost over.  Having this time off did get me to take more pictures of Wyatt since I pretty much suck at that!

Wyatt is hilarious.  He's a drooling, clingy mess these days.  He doesn't want to sit, he'd much rather stand.  Never mind the fact he can't actually stand on his own. He cries like someone killed his puppy whenever I leave his sight.  This does get old.  But he is still very laid back and has the most beautiful smile!

Nathan is a trip.  He talks and repeats everything you say.  Gotta watch every word because the other day he was walking around saying "Oh shit" over and over.  He's grown so tall and is getting skinny, but he still has a big belly.  He loves Wyatt for the most part, but can't understand why he can't sit on him.