Friday, April 01, 2011


So I am trying to get an update in before the weekend starts, because every weekend is so hectic, I don't even have time to think!  

Wyatt is a hoot.  He is so different from Nathan.  He is totally laid back, he doesn't cry much, he sleeps really well.  It's like having a totally different kid!  Ha.  Having a kid that takes a pacifier or sucks his thumb is interesting.  When we are in the car he might start to fuss, but I stick the pacifier in his mouth and he crashes out.  Makes driving so much easier.  He doesn't need it all the time though so that is nice.  He also doesn't use me as a paci and my boobs are thankful for that. He smiles all the time.  It's very adorable.  

Nathan is a different hoot.  He hasn't really been himself lately and I think it's a combination of jealousy, not enough cuddle time, the rash and allergies.  He was doing great this week but yesterday he got into the towel the cat lays on and his whole face got blotchy and itchy.  I think that made him grouchy because last night he threw a monster fit.  It took until almost 10 pm to get him to sleep.  Silly boy.  He is starting to say a lot more words.  His new phrase is when he drops something he says "Oh dear".  It's hilarious.  he also says door and hello.  

So overall things are going well.  Life is hectic but we are surviving.  

The boys