Sunday, February 20, 2011

A bunch of malarky

I've been meaning to sit down and post a really long post but I can't really seem to find the time. I was going to do it at work, but as we saw this week, teachers are not allowed to do anything no work related at work.

The boys are doing well. Nathan caught another cold and hasn't been able to shake it. He's still has a nose full of snot. It's not fun but other than that he doesn't seem to feel bad. Wyatt caught it too but was only a little congested. We've been sleeping in the recliner all freaking week. It ended up causing an ear infection. Yeah! I know that studies say just to use pain reliever and antibiotics aren't needed, but it's hard to turn it down when you have a 2 month old that refuses to nurse and has been screaming for 4 hours. Yikes!

I have photos of Wyatt on my phone so those will be uploaded later. He has started sucking his thumb. I'm kinda liking that he sucks his thumb. I hope that it can soothe him on some of the rides home when he is pitching a major fit. :)

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