Thursday, December 16, 2010

Hello Wyatt!

I know this post is a long time coming. Every time I have a chance to sit down and type, I either find myself spacing out, or within two minutes Wyatt is crying for some food.

Today was my first day at home with both monsters all by myself. It went really well actually. Nathan did a really good job of entertaining himself today. He struggled at nap time but other than that, was a ray of happiness.

Wyatt is doing great. I wish he would eat some more, even though he has enough wet diapers, poops and all that. But my boobs are in overdrive, and he is not taking enough to make me comfortable. It is all about me after all! :) He is doing a good job of sleeping at night. Usually he goes about 3 hours at a time. I get really uncomfortable though. I'm torn over whether to let this play out, or whether I should pump. I think tomorrow I will call the LC and see what she says.

Enough jabbering, on to pictures!