Friday, November 26, 2010


I'm not even going to make excuses for not posting. Just been busy I guess, and tired, and hugely pregnant. :)

Nathan is doing well. He climbs everything in the house! Couch, dining room chairs, hearth, coffee table. The days are spent chasing him off of things and making sure that he doesn't decide to jump from the table. :) It's exhausting.

We have finally finished moving him into his new room. We put up the pictures, and the border today so its done. I would like to think that he likes it but honestly, I don't think he even notices.

I have had the whole week off form Thanksgiving and I have enjoyed it. I am having a little anxiety about the fact that we could have another little monster basically at any moment. Yikes! And all I really want is a good martini, maybe a chocolate one, with some chocolate mousse. That would be awesome!

Oh I can't end this post without mentioning Nathan's obsession with the remote control. He gets his dad to pick him up and they then wrestle over it. It's too funny. He is also obsessed with our phones, and my Ipod. I finally just bought him his own MP3 player so he can carry it around the house and listen to his music. He holds everything up to his ear like he's talking on the phone. It's very funny.

Ok enough for now. I think I'm going to chillax.

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