Sunday, September 05, 2010

Torture the mommy

Why is it that Nathan will go to sleep well for David, for the sitter, for his grandmothers, but fights it all the time with me? I think it's just some sort of mind game he likes playing. He is currently throwing a hissy in the crib because he doesn't want to go to sleep. Too bad little dude.

He does sleep a lot on the weekends, I think to catch up on from the week. We have started putting him down earlier so he can get more sleep, and he takes two good naps at the sitter but he is usually ready for bed at about 7:30. Anyway...

Not much new is going on here. He is running around the house like a little monster. He does good with his balance but sometimes he runs into things. Today he ran right into the wall. It was funny but then he was really upset so no laughing. Maybe that's why he won't go to sleep for me. It's payback for laughing at him!

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