Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's a boy!

So we will have another little monster boy running around the house. Should be fun.

It's been an exciting week here. On Monday Nathan shared some peanut butter cookie with his father. A little while later he started coughing really bad. I picked him up and he was wheezing and his nose was running. We gave him some Benadryl and waited a few minutes but he wasn't getting better so we ran him to the ER. When we got there and got checked in he puked all over me. That was fun. They moved him back and gave him some adrenalin. That helped his breathing. IT then took four nurses 20 minutes and 4 sticks to get an IV started. That sucked. I wanted to beat them. Why were they torturing my baby? :) So three hours later we got out with epi-pens and a totally different view of food allergies. We saw the pediatrician today and basically he told us that we need to get rid of everything in the house that may have peanuts in it. And we have to carry the epi-pen where ever we go. We have an appointment with the allergist in two weeks. Hopefully he can clarify some things for us.

So enough with the crappy news, here are some pics!


Front view in 3d.

Playing with toes in 3d.

21 weeks.

Current little monster who only walks when HE feels like it.

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Mrs. Morales said...

Sorry to hear about the peanut allergy! It's so strange all my friends baby's have these crazy food allergies! Anyhow, I'll be sure to never offer Nathan anything with peanuts in it! Even when he is a teenager :)