Sunday, June 20, 2010

This kid can eat!

Seriously, he is like a hollow kid. Today we had LJ, Robin and the kids over for a bbq. I made Nathan a grilled cheese sandwich. He CHOWED it down while I was trying to make my plate. He then ate a bowl of kiwi, a bowl of broccoli and then ate some beans. After that he needed a nap! Since he eats so much we are trying really hard to make sure that he is eating good stuff. Veggies, protein and fruits. Otherwise he's gonna be one of those 100 pound 3 year olds and CPS is gonna come grab him! I'm not too worried about the amount of food because he is not packing on the pounds. So apparently he just needs a lot of food to get through the day!

The kids spent the day swimming and playing in the water. I was hoping that he would just conk out but no, he's is currently screaming in his crib. I have been really torn about letting him scream but he is starting to think about sleeping through the night. I really need him to do this, mostly for me (honestly) but it will help him too. He needs to get more sleep. He slept for 7 hours straight the last two nights. Maybe tonight we can go for 8!

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