Sunday, May 30, 2010

Happy Birthday Nathan

Yesterday was Nathan's birthday party. We had lots of food, lots of sweets and lots of visitors. Nathan had a good time hanging with his granpop and his great aunt Bay. For whatever reason I don't have a lot of pictures but hopefully I can get some from others. We do have video of him opening presents and eating cupcakes but I haven't uploaded those yet. To tide you over a few pics.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Girl you know it's true

Went to the dr. on Tuesday and had an ultrasound. Turns out we are about 12 weeks pregnant. Who would've thunk it?

I know it's a shitty pic but the room with the scanner is out of control so I am afraid to go in there. That is one of my summer projects.

This new baby should be due around December 7th. This puts my plans for grad school on the back burner. I am so close to done but I just don't have the will to do it. I am lazy.

Saturday, May 22, 2010


I can't believe I let so much time go between posts and neither of my parents are complaining! :)

I was thinking that we don't take as many pictures anymore but then when I put the memory card int he computer it had a crap load. So apparently I am just losing my mind.

A big thanks to Kent and Marianne for Nathan's birthday gifts. Yes, we opened them early because that is how we roll. He loves them, especially the puzzles pieces. He likes to bang them on the floor! They are both a hit here. Thank you!

I am especially excited because school is out. I am so happy to be done with this year. It was, I believe, the year from hell. I also managed to finish my grad class, but I don't know what I got since the professor never emails me back. Hopefully I passed because I did not do the book report. Oh well.

Nathan is growing and getting in everything. He has been a little clingy this week. Maybe after he starts spending everyday with me I won't be as exciting anymore. He is eating so much I am scared sometimes he's gonna pop! He ate two bowls of lentils at the sitter the other day, and half a bowl of his normal lunch. I think he is gonna miss it there because she cooks lunch everyday. I guess I better used to doing something like that. He does love pasta, and watermelon, and peas. So I think he won't be a picky eater. It all seems to depend on his mood.

Here is Nathan eating the tomatoes and cheese that fell out of my taco bell gordita.

And he loves to pull the pillows off the couch.

Thursday, May 06, 2010

He does have black in him!

Turns out Nathan loves watermelon, but then ago, who doesn't? He also showed a love of fried chicken this past weekend. Of course tonight he refused to eat anything and then I found him with dog food in his mouth. Kids.

Saturday, May 01, 2010

11 months old

I know, I am a horrible blogger. Life's been kicking my butt now for two weeks. I am so ready for summer to get here I can taste it!

It's hard for me to believe that Nathan will be a baby for less than a month. Where did the time go? He is talking up a storm, though you can only really understand dada and mama. Sometimes he breaks out with a NAYK, who knows what that means, but he is very emphatic about it. He is no longer sleeping on the way home from work so that can be very exhausting. Overall things are going well.