Saturday, March 06, 2010

This kid is funny

He really is. He has figured out that he can fake cough. He finds this very funny. He is also using both legs in his commando crawl now. It's only a matter of time till he figures out that he can get around much easier when he is balanced on all fours.

He has also figured out that he can open and close the bottom drawer on the oven. David installed cabinets locks on a few cabinets last week before he could get into trouble there.

We went to Red Lobster today and all he did was stare at the waitress and drop things off the table. He likes to drop things and for you to give them back. It gets old for me real quick.

He also for some reason will not go around the walker, he has to go through the bottom part.

He caught a little cough from the sitter and then gave it to me. It didn't do much to him but it's knocked me on my ass. Hopefully another day at home will help and I can get over this soon. Here's a few pictures for the masses and a couple of videos I think you will find amusing.

He does this strange head thing when he is playing with the Tommy Boy card. I tried to catch it. After several takes I got a version of it.

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