Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sleep is for the weak

It's been a crazy week here in the Black household (or maybe it's the half black household). Mom and Pat came down and spent the weekend last weekend.

I was on the last few days of whatever illness Nathan had given me the week before. He seemed to be doing ok. Then on Sunday he had a runny nose. I didn't worry too much, we had a well baby check on Tuesday. But then we didn't sleep Sunday night (well, maybe 3 hours split up in 30 minute chunks). Monday he had a cough. We didn't sleep much Monday night. Went to the Dr. (it was crazy there) and he had his first ear infection. So that explains the not sleeping. He's on amoxicillin and seems to be doing much better. But the medicine has given him the flying shits, literally and now he has a chapped ass. Poor baby.

I am so excited to be on spring break. The last two weeks literally almost killed me. You know you are in for a long day when you are falling asleep driving TO work. I am used to being tired on the way home. Then factor in all the freaking construction and what was a 50 minute drive is now over an hour. It sucks royally.

But we are going to have a great time this week. I am having Nathan take his naps in the crib as opposed to the car seat so that we can wean him off of that and hopefully this will smooth the way to him sleeping in his crib at night. I am not sure that I am ready for him to be away all night long, but I am sure I am ready for some sleep! He is now very restless between 2-4 am and turns over and over and over. While it's mildly amusing to see him kick David in the head, it's not so funny to be awake at that hour. So we are trying.

Nathan is really talking these days. His favorite is dada but he's branching out.

And here he is playing in the kitchen with a measuring cup. Why do we buy toys again? This video hasn't completed yet on youtube so just be patient and hopefully it will show up soon.

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Lynn said...

He is growing up so fast!!!! What a cutie but then I am his grandmother:)