Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10 Months Old

What's up?

I'm so happy to have my picture taken!

Look at those legs!

Fat and Happy sitting on the bench outside.

That's right peeps! 10 months old. He has grown so much! Yesterday he puked all over his pants so he was just hanging in his onesie. He's got some fat little legs! He is now an official crawler. I tried to get video of him pulling up but every time he hears the camera turn on he gets all excited and distracted. He loves to just grab your head and try and bite you. The biting is not fun but the grabbing part is pretty funny. It's like rabid baby.

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Lynn said...

AAARRRGGGGHHH!! Where has the time gone? He is so cute:) Can't wait to kiss those cheeks!!! GML