Friday, October 02, 2009

Strange Days

This week has been interesting to say the least.  Monday was a normal day, Tuesday was a normal day (I think; I can't actually remember that far).  The strangeness started on Wednesday.  I was hosting the leadership group here at school.  I got here early, Ella was setting up food, Karen and I were arranging tables.  She gets called to the office so I am just kinda wandering around waiting.  Then I get called to the cafeteria.  I head over there and I see Karen walking towards the outside.  I go outside and there is a rattle snake right outside the cafeteria.  So I go get a bucket with a lid and the maintenance guys get the snake into the bucket.  I take the bucket to my storage room and the front office calls animal control.  No big deal.  So I am in the office on a conference call and some one comes running in and says I need to go back outside.  So I do and there is another rattle snake!  Seriously.  So we catch that one and it goes into the storage room.  Animal control finally comes about 2 hours later and picks them up.  Then the custodian gives me another snake in a bottle.  Turns out its just a glossy snake; David let it go yesterday.  Today I am in a meeting (that I was late to) and some kids come by with a bunny!  The bunny was in the cafeteria and some kids were kicking it so these kids grabbed it and brought it to me.  So now I have a bunny in my storage room.  Well, right now he's in the greenhouse running around.  I hate to break it to these animals but the cafeteria food sucks!  I don't know why they are so attracted to it. :)

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Mrs. Morales said...

That is really funny! What's the chance of two rattle snakes in one day? Maybe they wanted to attend your leadership meeting-they heard you where hosting it. SSSSS let's go SSSSSS Mrs Black will be sssss hosting sssss.

Hop Hop me too!