Sunday, July 05, 2009


That's right folks, it's officially monsoon in New Mexico. We have had some serious rain the last few days. It's been fabulous!

Ok, I know I have already told some of you about this but i have to write about the appointment on Thursday. I had my followup appointment with Kathy on Thursday. I fed the kid, changed him and we made it there with five minutes to spare. I noticed that it was a little warm in the office but not too bad. Of course Nathan started fussing as soon as we got there so I took him out of his carrier. We get called back and he really starts after it. So once the nurse leaves us in the room I go ahead and start feeding him. Turns out this was a full exam so I had to get completely nekkid. Once I get undressed he of course starts in again. So I grab him and he promptly spits up on the sheet I have covering my lap. Lovely. I put him on the boob and the other side starts leaking all over the little cover I am searing on top. Great. So we can handle all this. Then about 30 seconds before Kathy comes in he deposits a huge load in his diaper. Great. And on top of all this I am sweating buckets because it's freaking HOT in the room. So Kathy comes in and when she takes him to put him back in the carrier, he is leaking poo from his diaper. We are doing fabulous. And I am in the throes of a massive hot flash with sweat just running. Gotta love hormones! Anyway, everything was fine, we are good to go.

Since he is such a grunter, last night I decided to put him in his crib. It feels so far away to me but I can't sleep with all that grunting. He, or course, only made it about 1 hour in the crib before raising a fuss but we will still work on it.

Tomorrow we are going to meet the prospective sitter. She is in Chaparral and close to school. I hope that the good vibe I get from the phone is still intact after meeting in person because I do not have a back up plan. If all else fails I do have 25 more sick days I can use. I'm sure that would go over well.

Here's the fat baby resting in my chair. He is camoflauged. You have to look closely. Just look for fat rolls.

Here's the fat baby hanging with his poppa. Soon he'll be too big for this.

And here's the fat baby taking a nap in the boppy pillow. It seems to be comfy for him.

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