Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Where is my brain?

Well, Nathan is 19 days old today. I can't believe 20 days ago he was still in my belly! Now I am dragging him around in a car carrier. Those things are heavy!

So on the theme of I lost my brain, Monday I decided that I needed to go to Wal-mart. Already that's insane. So I load the kid in the car, I load the recyclables in the car and take off. I decide to go by the cheap diamond shamrock to fill up the car with fossil fuels. But it wasn't cheaper at that station anymore. So I recycle, and take off to another cheap station. I find the diesel pump and pull in feeling pretty happy with myself. I get out of the car and...I'm on the wrong side. FUCK! So I just leave because it's just easier! I did manage to fill up today I am happy to report.

So far today has been a good day. I managed to get some sleep this morning. Nathan and I slept in till 9, ate breakfast (both of us) and went back to bed until 1230. Nathan makes some seriously funny noises while sleeping, but will sleep for a while with a boob in his mouth. That way he can just eat whenever apparently.

His umbilical cord fell off on Monday night. I am posting some pics of his HUGE belly. Christina came over yesterday and when she was holding him I was amazed at how much bigger he is! He definitely has a killer appetite. Tonight we are going to try a nice sponge bath as a precursor to going to bed. Should be interesting.

And here he is in the one outfit I actually bought. I think this might be the only outfit I bought!

And here's a video of him with the hiccups. He gets these a lot because he hates to bump, then spits up and voila! Hiccups!

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