Friday, June 19, 2009

He's a pirate!

I think the funniest thing that Nathan does is he loves to grunt. He grunts in his sleep, he grunts when he is moved and he makes some great facial expressions. He did manage to sleep in his bassinet last night for 2 hours. He would have stayed longer but the grunting and crying out kept waking me up so I grabbed him and fed him a bit to quiet him. So funny. That means that I got a good two hours of sleep before we started to nightly feeding rituals in the chair of death. Seriously, I might have to have this chair surgically removed from my ass soon.

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Shauna Morales said...

Oh my gosh-I'm figuring out this blog thing-I'm so behind the times sometimes. I had to sign up for a friend here who has a blog also. Anyway, let's see some updates-more picts-can't get enough of Nathan! Are you going to call him "Nat" for short?