Monday, June 29, 2009

One month old!

I can't believe how fast time has gone by and yet how slow some days drag on! I have a few things that I want to confess.

I know that everyone says as soon as the baby is born you feel a love that you have never felt before. I didn't feel that. I felt tired mostly. And a little shell shocked. I was ambivalent for a long time. I chalk that up to a complete lack of sleep. But I am happy to say now that I am deeply in love with our son. He has already shown signs of his personality. He's funny, makes funny noises and makes the most hilarious faces. He is hot blooded like his dad; he's always hot when I am cold. He prefers to sleep on our chests rather than in his bassinet. Who can blame him there. He gets very cranky when tired (just like mom). He burps really loud and farts even louder. The other day he even managed to shoot shit out of his ass and get it EVERYWHERE. So I am happy to post pictures of his one month birthday. We are definitely finding our way. Now if I could only get the nerve up to go to Sam's.

Friday, June 19, 2009

He's a pirate!

I think the funniest thing that Nathan does is he loves to grunt. He grunts in his sleep, he grunts when he is moved and he makes some great facial expressions. He did manage to sleep in his bassinet last night for 2 hours. He would have stayed longer but the grunting and crying out kept waking me up so I grabbed him and fed him a bit to quiet him. So funny. That means that I got a good two hours of sleep before we started to nightly feeding rituals in the chair of death. Seriously, I might have to have this chair surgically removed from my ass soon.

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Chair

This is where Nathan and I spend at least 18 hours every day. I am not sure I can feel my butt any longer.

Where is my brain?

Well, Nathan is 19 days old today. I can't believe 20 days ago he was still in my belly! Now I am dragging him around in a car carrier. Those things are heavy!

So on the theme of I lost my brain, Monday I decided that I needed to go to Wal-mart. Already that's insane. So I load the kid in the car, I load the recyclables in the car and take off. I decide to go by the cheap diamond shamrock to fill up the car with fossil fuels. But it wasn't cheaper at that station anymore. So I recycle, and take off to another cheap station. I find the diesel pump and pull in feeling pretty happy with myself. I get out of the car and...I'm on the wrong side. FUCK! So I just leave because it's just easier! I did manage to fill up today I am happy to report.

So far today has been a good day. I managed to get some sleep this morning. Nathan and I slept in till 9, ate breakfast (both of us) and went back to bed until 1230. Nathan makes some seriously funny noises while sleeping, but will sleep for a while with a boob in his mouth. That way he can just eat whenever apparently.

His umbilical cord fell off on Monday night. I am posting some pics of his HUGE belly. Christina came over yesterday and when she was holding him I was amazed at how much bigger he is! He definitely has a killer appetite. Tonight we are going to try a nice sponge bath as a precursor to going to bed. Should be interesting.

And here he is in the one outfit I actually bought. I think this might be the only outfit I bought!

And here's a video of him with the hiccups. He gets these a lot because he hates to bump, then spits up and voila! Hiccups!

Monday, June 08, 2009

He's a porker!

Ok not really, but he's a growing boy! We went to the lactation consultant today for a milk blister and he went along. She weighed him and he is 6 pounds 15 ounces. This is excellent because he was 6 lb 2 oz when born. That night he was 5 pounds 15 oz. So he has gained a pound in 9 days. Guess the boob milk does a body good!

We had a good night last night as well. We managed to get in 2.5 hours, feed then another 2 hours, feed and another 1.5 hours. But he didn't want to go back to bed after that so we were up for a while.

Sunday LJ, Nicole, Tyler and Briana came by for a visit. Tyler was just dying to hold the baby. He did good and I even managed to nurse twice without exposing myself. We might just be able to go into public together sometime this year!

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Seriously sleep deprived

But I think we are finding a schedule of sorts!

Ok so just to keep everyone up to date, we went to the peditrician on Monday. Nathan was a little jaundiced and weighed in at 5 pounds 5.5 ounces. He was supposed to get circumcised in the hospital but his urethral opening was more on top of the penis than the tip so the midwife didn't feel comfortable doing it. So we got a referral to a urologist. We went to the urologist Wednesday morning at 8:00 AM!!!!! I was dying. But since Nathan isn't officially registered on our insurance so they wanted to wait or else it was a $168 consultation fee. Needless to say I had my first meltdown. I was just so tired I couldn't deal with it. So now we are considering not circumcising him. All the signs are pointing to not doing it.

Feeding is going well. He likes to eat but we are still have a few problems with him falling asleep. I have to keep tickling him to kep him awake and eating. We finally have some sort of nighttime schedule down. We go to bed and get about 2.5 - 3 hours before he wakes up to eat. Then another 2 hours, eat, another 2 hours. It's hard to feel rested when your sleep comes in 2 hour intervals. I haven't figured out how to get him to sleep in the bassinet. Right now he is sleeping with me in the crook of my arm. This means not only am I not sleeping deeply, but I also don't move for over two hours. I get a little cramped! But he sleeps very well like that. I had no intention of co sleeping, but right now it's whatever works.

So that's the scoop poop. We are having a few issues with him peeing out of his diaper. He'll be laying on you and bam! pee everywhere. His diapers are a little big but we have to remember to properly point the penis. Funny.

Here is Nathan in the vibrating bouncy chair. He will stay here for about 30 minutes.

But he will sleep in his car seat. It's probably not the best thing, but hey, we get what we can take.