Thursday, May 21, 2009

Summer vacation rocks!

That's right peeps, just one more day of work and it's a short day at that. I vow to be on my best behavior, at least for the drive to work. After that I can promise nothing. I am ready for school to be out. We have a luncheon at 12 to "honor" all those who have worked so hard this year. Yeah right. But whatever.

So I had a shower this past weekend at the whores house. It was a lot of fun. One of the games was absolutely hilarious! They had to flip through magazines and cut out pictures of babies and put them together to say what they thought Nathan was going to look like. The pictures were so freaking funny! Here's my mom and Michelle diligently working on their representation!

People eating!

The tasty cake!

Nathan has been doing a lot of stretching these last two days. He really seems to like putting his foot or his knee right out my left side. It's funny because you can totally feel it, and I can move it so it's not hurting me so much. Here's the 38 week belly shots. I finally figured out how to turn off my flash on my camera so I was able to handle this daunting task myself.

My undershirts will never be the same. Can you tell this one is about to give in?

I had another busy week and I am super tired. Monday we stayed for AP night. Don't get started again on that! Then Tuesday was graduation. Mr. D is such an idiot that he had us there at 3:30 for a 6:00 ceremony. And when we got there the freaking doors weren't even open! So I called him and told him to get his happy ass up and let us in because I had to pee. When don't I have to pee you may ask? For about 5 seconds after my previous bathroom trip. Tangent. And I was already pissed because the pants I took were way too tight. Turns out that I hadn't worn them for about 2 months and I didn't bother to try them on. Bug mistake. So I had to walk around in my gown. Fuck. By the time the night was over my feet were huge and extremely tired! I came home and died.

Bessie has started this whole "Hey I need water" at various times between 1 am and 5 am. I am so not amused by this because I am usually the one that wakes up first. I want to kill her. I even put the fan directly on her so she would be cooler and that worked one night, then last night she started at 3:00 am. Seriously. I have managed to train the cat to leave us alone and then Bessie starts.

So that's it. Apparently I am getting a little grouchy judging from the tone of this post. I predict that my mood will increase as soon as school is out and I can sleep whenever I want, at least until Nathan decides to show.

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