Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pooped out!

I was going to post yesterday but I was lazy! We went to the midwife, had an ultrasound. Nathan is looking good, he is head down and his butt is resting on the right side still. His legs are doing something strange. One is normal and bent, the other one is straight and he uses that to push off from my hip. They are estimating that he is about 6 pounds, right on average. So everything is good there. He is still very low. People at work say he's gonna come sooner rather than later, but what do they know? Not much! :)

Tonight we went to childbirth class. It was kinda a waste. It felt unorganized, and she talked about what you should be eating. This seems like something you should already know and be doing but hey...

We did some relaxation techniques. I am going to try them when I can't sleep. They also had the empathy belly for the man to wear. It weighs about 33 pounds, which is one more pound than the amount I have gained. David had to wear it. It was funny. Now I think he understands when I just look at things I drop on the ground instead of picking it up. It has to be real important for me to try and get it.

I am completely pooped out which makes me ask, Why am I still awake? We are watching Fringe but I could totally have waited. Now it's too late, I have started watching and I have to finish.

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