Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Latest Update

Went to the midwife today. I gained another 2 pounds but that was ok since it had been two weeks since my last appointment. I had my group b strep test today. That was unpleasant.

Baby is head down with his butt resting on my right side. She was surprised at how low he was, but that explains the hip pain. We are scheduled next week on Monday for an ultrasound. That's so cool! She wants to see about how large he is. I know that ultrasounds can be misleading at this point with weight but it will be nice to see him without having to pay. :)

We went to breastfeeding class last night. I was worried that David would be the only guy there and have a heart attack but there were three other guys there. I learned a lot so I feel pretty good about going, plus it was free so why pass it up? We were supposed to start prepared childbirth classes tonight but it got canceled. They are extending it until June 2nd. I thought that was funny since it's so close to due date but I honestly think we will go at least a week over. I don't know why, but that's how I feel. I don't necessarily WANT to, but I don't want to induce either so there your go.

I am off to eat some ice cream cake!!!!!

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