Thursday, May 14, 2009

21 days

Yeah I know that the likelihood of Nathan coming EXACTLY on his due date is slim to none, but I still like to count down.

Let's back track a few days. Saturday was our 6th anniversary. David got me a fabulous watch and one of my fav movies, Super Troopers (You boys like Mexico!!!!). We went to eat at Lorenzo's, delicious Italian food. Overall a great day. The watch was too big so the next day when I went shopping with Robin I took it to get some links taken out. We were at JcPenney and I stood at the jewelry counter forever, but the place was a MADHOUSE. Apparently a lot of people just take mom out to buy bling on acutal mother's day. Weird. So I head down to the nearest jeweler, Gordons, to get the link taken out. The girl there manages to take out two links but that is too tight so I ask her to put one back in. She can't figure it out so she passes it on the the guy working there. He proceeds to take out another link. He brings it to me and I can't even fasten it. So I just laugh and tell him what was supposed to happen. He puts two links back in, gives me my watch, doesn't charge me and we go on our way.

We head over to Target so some browsing. On the way out of the store I have to take a potty break (of course). As I reach over to flush the toliet, the fucking watch falls off into the toliet. I yell, "Oh Shit!!!!". At least I didn't flush! So ick, I get the watch and go wash it off. The place where he removed a link the pin has fallen out. I have another pin in my little bag so I figure I will just put it back in when I get home. So we head home and I put the pin in the watch. I wear it for a while and it falls off again! Seriously! I am just pissed at this point. So I take the watch in Monday after work. The same guy is there and I hand it over. Turns out when he removed the pin he totally fucked it up. So I have to leave it there and they send it off to get fixed. I go to get it today and the jeweler they sent it to put ALL THE LINKS BACK IN! I wanted to cry! I told the lady I needed the link taken out. She managed to do this without breaking anything so finally, 6 days later, I am wearing my watch.

So on Monday, we also had a midwife appointment. They went ahead and did an ultrasound. Everything is measuring right on track. They estimate the baby is 6 pounds. I didn't gain any weight (miracle) and everything else is fine. His heartrate was 120 and she said that the heart slows down the closer you get to delivery. So David has decided that he will be here soon. I don't think so but you never know.

Tuesday we went to the childbirth class. It was fairly stupid. I don't know why they cram so many people into such a small space, especially when half of us are reather large! I did learn some relaxation techniques. Rather, she refreshed my memory because I remember learning the same techniques in middle school or high school. They had the empathy belly there too. 33 pounds of fake pregnant belly. David didn't really enjoy that too much. I'll have to see if he will allow the pics to go up here! Maybe I can charge per viewing!

So needless to say, everything is going about the same here. Just counting down the days until school is out. I am butt ass exhausted and all I want to do is sleep. I would take a day off but I have something going on everyday, and next week is graduation. Blarh! So here's the belly shots. Mom, I hope you are ready to see this belly! It's grown significantly since April.


Steph said...

bling for mother's day? bling? yikes. ; )

Indylex said...

I'm trying out the local dialect.