Thursday, April 16, 2009

When is this wind done!!!!

I just hate it! I can handle one windy day a week but we are looking at three in a row! I can't take the dust! Urgh!

We only have about 5 weeks left of school. I can hardly wait! And only 17 days with the seniors. I know we have been together for a long time, but it's totally time for them to MOOOOOOOVE ON!

When I woke up this morning I was definitely feeling really tired. The cat woke me up at 3:45, then I heard Bessie wandering around and she came to say hello to me at 4. WTF? So I am definitely looking forward to sleeping tonight. I am considering locking Gizmo in the laundry room so she can't wake me up! We'll see. So I wasn't feeling really good at work today. Actually this week I have had moments where I am feeling really weak. So I tell Karen and she gets all worried and sends the nurse in to check my BP. It was fine, 64/102. I think I am just tired! So early to bed for me. We were testing this week so I spent a lot of time wandering the building every morning. I am done with that so maybe it will help.

Here's some pictures. The comments I get run from HOLY SHIT LOOK AT HOW BIG YOU ARE! to wow you are so small for 8 months. Who knows.

Still waiting for him to turn. He is killing me with the stretching!


Lynn said...

I'm with ya on the wind and the freakin cold up here!!! Do you have time that you can take off when you are tired????? You are carrying alittle extra around with you all day:) TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF (and 12K)
Yo Momma

marianne said...

You need to let the animals leave you alone at night, lock them up!!! When Baby arrives there will be lot of staying awake.
I agree with your mother ... Take care of yourself !