Saturday, April 25, 2009


It's fucking hot here. I was hoping the air conditioner would get turned on today but no such luck. I have huge swollen fingers! and I am sweating. I don't sweat! Oh well, tomorrow.

Spent a lazy day just kinda running around. Went to lunch with Robin and then to Walmart. Walmart sucks!

Watched some movies with the hubby. Spend a significant amount of time on the phone with my father trying to get his new computer running video chat. I'm not sure he's up and running. Perhaps we will try again tomorrow.

Anyways, I got these shoes the weekend before last and they are COMFY! I know they are pricey but you gotta love a sandal that doesn't make your feet hurt. The only bad thing is jus tone day of wearing sandals and my heels are all dry. So I have to make sure that I put some serious lotion on my feet the days I am wearing regular shoes.

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