Monday, April 06, 2009

Pooped out!

So I went to Albuquerque this past week to see the cheer leaders compete at state. We left Thursday night and stayed at mom's house. She wasn't there so we were really dog sitting. The cheerleaders did well but Friday was extremely boring. It was at the Santa Ana Star Center, which is basically just to the left of the middle of nowhere, Rio Rancho. And to top it off the wind was blowing like crazy both days. The girls came in 7th out of 9th. That doesn't seem good but they were competing against 5A schools like Las Cruces, and Farmington. So they did good.

I ended up staying another night to visit with the mother. I enjoyed it, but I was seriously tired when I got home yesterday. The funny thing was watching mom and Pat play the wii. I am surprised no one has gotten hurt! Especially during tennis. It's dangerous just being an observer!

Here are some late pics. Today is 31w4d. According to my website I am in the 8th month. People keep telling me that I am small for 8 months but I am measuring right on. Maybe they are just used to seeing short people pregnant. And the midwife isn't happy with my weight gain. I gained almost 3 pounds in Alb! Yikes!

I am trying to get a sinus infection again. I took some benadryl last night to try and help move the snot along. I think that's why I had such weird dreams. Needless to say when my alarm went off I was dreaming about Hardy Weinberg equations! Whatever.

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