Thursday, April 23, 2009

Not that I'm counting but we are 6 weeks from due date!

Yep, I am 34 weeks today. Went to the midwife today. Gained four pounds, just like I said! My blood pressure was up because I had gotten stressed driving to the appointment. I was thinking about the random things I do. One, I hate to be late to appointments. I prefer to arrive within 5 minutes of the schedule time. 5 minutes early that is. I don't like to arrive too early because I get bored! But then when I am planning on my trip, I always think in 15 minute increments. So I assume that 45 minutes is long enough to get from Chapa to LC, but I ALWAYS end up behind the idiot doing 20 below the speed limit. And today, through a cop into the mix. So by the time I hit the freeway I am 7 minutes behind. Hence the high blood pressure. Anyways, she couldn't figure out if he had turned head down because I was having BH contractions. We think he might be with his back on the right, but they aren't sure. I think he might be half turned because last time I only measured 27 cm (?) but this time I measured 32 cm. It's probably silly but I sear I can tell a difference in belly growth. She had a nurse following her around learning how to do measurements. With both of them manhandling me I felt like a science project.

I planted last weekend and got some pretty ass flowers. I planted a pot in the back and put some in a planter in the front. But then I forgot to water the front ones so they are DEAD. Oops. Here's a picture.

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