Thursday, April 09, 2009

I hate the wind

Seriously, it's been blowing for two days now. And it's going to blow both Saturday and Sunday. Urgh! I want to plant my garden this weekend, but I am not willing to go sit in a plot of dirt while the wind howls around me at 50 mph! At least I have 4 days off. That is like heaven!

I am so tired these days. Mostly I think because I have turned into a horrible snorer. I think this is payback, since someone I know snores. Not that we are talking about that! But my snoring is waking me up as well. I am so congested that it's a miracle I can breathe out of one nostril. Urgh. I did take Benadryl last night which helped me sleep but did nothing for my congestion.

Here's my 32 week picture. We have a dr. appoinment tomorrow and I just hope I didn't pack on the pounds in the past two weeks. I don't think I have been doing my kick count correctly. I guess I will ask tomorrow. And people (Karen) keep harassing me about ultrasounds so I guess we will ask tomorrow how you go about getting a 3d one. Or 4d. I am not even sure.

Ok here's a bonus pic. Tonight Tater was staring at the cat to make sure that she didn't make a move towards the food bowl. She does think she's a dog. She eats dog food and will drink water out of the dog bowl. Right now Tater is laying in front of the bowl so no one can get near it. He has serious issues!

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