Tuesday, April 21, 2009

First email blog

I know Nerdling wants pics but I am too lazy to get up and take one.  I will post a new picture Thursday after my appointment.  The appointment I get yelled at for gaining 4 pounds in two weeks.  Yikes!  That puts me at 30 pounds so far with 6 weeks to go! 

I have been duck walking around school the last two days.  I washed the dogs and planted on Sunday so my hamstrings are TIGHT!  Holy crap! 

I worked with the evil whore Jennifer on homework tonight.  It took us 2.25 hours to get 2 problems done.  We have three assigned.  I am trying not to give in to the impulse to just send in those two without doing the third.  The only thing I care about is getting an A.  Right now I have a 97.2 with two assignments not graded.  I did poorly I am sure on the last one so do I want to risk it with assignment 10?  Ughh, I can't decide.  The thing that sucks about it is that this class really makes no impact on my life whatesoever.  It's not like a science class that I am actually getting something out of.  It's all economic crap that I don't even understand.  Hmm, I have one more day to decide...

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Lynn said...

Do you homework or you can't have dessert for a whole week!! Yo momma.