Wednesday, March 25, 2009

We're home

We had a good time in Tucson. I got a little too much sun, but hey, what's vacay for anyway?

The animals are happy to see us. I know that they enjoyed hanging with one of their grandmothers. The funny thing is this weekend I am going to Alamo and then next Thursday I am going to Albuquerque. I think that might be the end of my traveling for a while. I hate driving in the car.

We stayed at the casino and had a great time. Last night David gave in to his stomach and had this huge banana split. Here's a picture.

Tomorrow I have a checkup. Should be fun. So far I am measuring 1 week ahead. I didn't gain much weight so maybe I am on track. He sure has been kicking like crazy lately. I like to watch the belly move. It's like a small alien is living in there.

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