Friday, March 06, 2009


David took the day off today and is currently painting the baby's room. I am so excited! The paint looks good. He painted one wall blue and the rest a green color. It totally goes with the bedding. I can hardly wait. I am going to start washing all the various clothes as soon as I get it arranged to my liking. I will post pictures soon!

I had such a good day at work today. It was laid back and not stressful. AP bio was a little hard but we worked through it. I am taking off Monday to do the glucose test. I get some freaky satisfaction about leaving things perfect for the sub. It's weird. I want to take a picture and show someone!

I have figured out where the weight is going. It's (obviously) going partly to the belly, but also the thighs. I tried on a pair of pants I used to wear because they fit low, and they were so tight on the thighs it wasn't funny!

Time changes this weekend so it will be lighter later. It's already been in the mid 80's here so I have no excuse for not taking Tater for a walk when I get home. We can wait for David to watch chunky and take off then. It will be light till 7 pm so it's totally doable. Plus, I am already staying late two days a week so Karen can work out. I need to join the club and at least walk. The track kids are practicing so maybe I will just walk the halls. It will help to relieve some of this stress I am carrying in my back.

I have a massage scheduled for Monday at 5. Holy crap I can hardly wait! So many exciting things...

Yesterday I was wearing a cami top that I got from Nicole and David took one look at my belly and said "Man you are getting pregnant". Yeah, thanks. :)

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