Thursday, March 12, 2009

Damn Allergies

Seriously, I am dying here. The sinus pressure is overwhelming. I am frustrated since I can't even really take anything for it. The ONE tylenol I can have takes the edge off but the pain is still there. I take benadryl at night but that's not really working too well. I sound so happy don't I? I am better than I was on Tuesday. I cried over pretty much anything that day. :)

We have about 6 working days until Spring Break. I can hardly wait. We are going to Tucson and I am going to get some sun.

Here's the 28 week picture. Today at work some random man that I don't see very often, sees me and says, Wow look at how fat she is! Fuck you buddy. I can take that from someone I actually know, but if you don't know a person why would you say that?

The little shit has been very active these days. It's like he's moving furniture. I want to tell him that he's not going anywhere for a while so chill man!

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Steph said...

people are ridiculous - the only reason for saying something like that is their own insecurities. i may get to come to new mexico a few times in the next few months since i will be contracting with the city...hopefully there will be some way for me to get to cruces to see you. steph...