Wednesday, February 18, 2009

You ate what?

Yeah this blog is going to an accounting of all the horrible things I put in my mouth today. Don't be dirty! It was a long day full of food that I hate so I had to improvise with whatever snacks I could find.

I started my morning with a fabulous bowl of Kashi heart to heart. The only "healthy" food I can claim. I had leadership this morning and a meeting this afternoon so I drove myself. OF course, Karen decided to have a sick day so I would have been driving myself anyway. This brings me to my next subject, I am so sad my Starducks closed. Now I have to go to the one by Sam's and they don't know me! And they are slow. So anyways I had a decaf grande soy latte. Ok, so far not too bad. So I drive to work only to get on a bus and ride to Anthony. They had breakfast burritos and I was very excited to get one, but I was last in line so I ended up with bean! I didn't eat that needless to say. Since I was hungry and the burrito was not going to work, I ate 4 fruit roll ups. Yummy. Ok so till 11 am the tally stands at:
1 bowl of cereal
1 grade decaf soy latte
4 fruit roll ups

So the meeting is going on and NOTHING is being accomplished. I am doing the crossword inthe corner trying not to get into trouble. Lunch is now being served. Guess what? Red enchiladas, spanish rice, BEANS and salad. So needless to say I skipped the BEANS and rice, had a 1/4 portion of enchiladas and a plate of salad, no dressing. Yum. Have I mentioned I am HUNGRY? So the kids take off to take a tour and I am sitting there talking to another teacher, no big deal. She leaves, leaving me and the fruit roll ups ALL ALONE. So I go over and put four in my pocket. There are also those 100 calorie bags of lays crackers so I eat one of those. It's super tasty so I eat another. The kids still aren't back so I eat two more fruit roll ups from my pocket and replace them with two more from the table. Luckily the kids return and the bus is there so we skedaddle. Oh I grab another Lay's cracker from the table on the way out the door! And I ate another fruit roll up on the bus. It's 1:30pm and the tally is:
1 bowl of cereal
1 grade decaf soy latte
7 Fruit roll ups
plate of salad (no dressing)
1/4 portion of red enchiladas
2 100 calorie bags of Lay's crackers

So I get back to school and I am feeling a little hungry so I head down to my room to harass the kids and get a snack. I grab two cheese squares and about 20 wheat thins. Snarf these down with a bottle of water and head out to do some observations. Fun.

I have a mentor meeting at 4:15 so I leave a little early so I can go to ...wait for it...TACO BELL! I get two gordita supremes with chicken and go to anthony elementary (Second trip to anthony today!). I eat my tasty gorditas and the meeting starts. Now remember this is the meeting where I got into trouble last month. I haven't quite decided if I am going to be DISRUPTIVE or just hang. No worries, she has taken no chances that the Chapa peeps are going to sit together. We have to draw cards and sit at that table. So I end up at a table ALL ALONE! Did she plan this? Seems suspicious. I eat another fruit roll up during the meeting because I am bored! She spends the whole meeting talking about how the last meeting was just so awful for her to live through and she makes us decide on NORMS for our meetings. So when you are misbehaving someone will look at you and say "FOLLOW THE NORMS!" Stupid. It's all directed squarely at us and I think it's so fucking amusing. Whatever, I am full of fake fruit and Taco Bell so bite my big toe beeyatch. The meeting is FINALLY over at 6 and I take off to go home. I decide to finish off the last two fruit roll ups and the back of lays. Tasty. I am home now and I refuse to eat anything else today.

Oh I can't forget my run to Albertson's to buy milk for Daveroni. I am in the selfcheck line and the lady in front of me is buying asparagus. She charges herself twice for it, so helpful me points this out nicely. Hey, you rang that up twice. This infuriates her and she glares at me like HOW DARE I SPEAK TO HER! What the fuck? Fine, pay twice as much for the shit see if I care.

Anyways the final tally is:
1 bowl of cereal
1 grande decaf soy latte
10 fruit roll ups
3 100 calorie bags lay's crackers
2 gordita supremes with chicken
1/4 portion red enchiladas
1 plate of salad (no dressing)
2 cheese squares
20 wheat thins

Can't wait to get on the scale tomorrow...

I am skipping 24 week pics and just using 24w6d as my 25 week pics. I got my maternity jeans today and they are freaking comfy! I also got a pair of panel pants, not sure how I feel about that. Ignore the fabulous polo I am wearing, it was for the meeting today. It won't fit again. Luckily I don't have another meeting until May 6th. By then it won't matter that the shirt doesn't fit.

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