Saturday, February 28, 2009

Only one day late

Turns out I am lazy on Fridays and I didn't want to post. Apparently Dooce is the same way because she has stopped posting on Friday's as well. Now I have nothing to read when I get home other than postcardsfromyomomma.

Spent most of the day running errands. We got the paint for the baby's room and I got new hardware for the dresser and changing table. They come with wooden knobs but I got brushed nickel. That matches our bedroom furniture and I think it looks nicer. Once David paints the room then I will start washing things and putting it all together. I am getting really excited! We are below 100 days. I still think he's gonna come a little later. As long as I can make it till May 22nd. After that I don't care and he won't be a Taurus! Hahahaha

Here's 26w2d pics. Getting bigger that's for sure. I am noticing that he likes to chill out during the day when I am at work but definitely gets activea round 7 pm. And 5 am when the alarm goes off. Right now I don't wake up because of him. Of course that's gonna change soon.

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