Monday, February 09, 2009

Can I use febreeze on my dog?

Seriously because he smells! David trimmed the pine tree last week so it's leaking mass quantities of sap. Now Tater has sap on his feet, his sides and his butt! Damn dog.

Had to go up a bra size again today. I started this whole thing at 34 A. I am now a 38 B. It's so comfy though! I think that just means I am chunky like a monkey.

The kid continues to kick and kick. I was watching my belly last night and you could see it move when he kicked. I imagine him kicking, flying across my uterus and bouncing off the other side. Newton's laws still apply in utero!

I emailed my professor today a question. I totally misunderstood one problem and did the second one completely wrong. Looking back I slap my head and say D'OH!

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