Thursday, February 26, 2009

Big fat cow

Had an appointment today at 410. This is pushing it since the bell rings at 330. I had someone cover my class the last five minutes so I could cut out early. Of course I got stuck behind someone on the gap doing 40 fucking mph. Bitches.

I got there just in time. Turns out the mpg on my car goes down a lot at 80 with the wind blowing. I got weighed and measured. I was happy that I had only gained 3.5 pounds since my last visit. Of course then she comes in and tells me that I am up 25 pounds total so far and I am not supposed to gain more than a pound a week. Sure that seems reasonable.

The funny thing was when I laid down so she could listen to the HB, he was seriously pushing on one side. So I was totally lopsided. It was funny. Then he started moving around so much we couldn't get a good heartbeat. Silly kid.

I am way too tired to take a pic today. I will try and post tomorrow.

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