Thursday, January 08, 2009

Why work?

Seriously, it just gets int he way of my free time!

Work exhausted me today. AP Biology is killer. On me and the kids. I realize now how if I go back to the core course, I need to seriously upgrade my effort and the kids effort. It's hard to realize the rigor of it until you actually do it. So I need to study some chemistry so I can actually teach it tomorrow. Crazy.

Here's my 19wod picture. It's probably the first time I managed to get it up on the day the week changed. Huh? Just go with it. Oh and those are the fabulous adjustable waist pants. Gotta love them. But my shirt almost wasn't long enough!

I am struggling to sleep. If I go to bed first, I fall asleep just fine, but if I have to get up to pee in the middle of the night, falling back to sleep is a bitch! Don't get me started on the cat. She has issues! And last night i had a spider dream. That just screams stress. So I went to work and yelled at my boss for stressing me out. He's such a dork. He tells me to take it easy, don't work too hard, then dumps 4 new projects on my desk that need to be done ASAP. Bastard.


JENNIFER said...

Bastard? I would use a stronger word!

Indylex said...

yeah well, I was trying to behave!

Lynn said...

tell him not to stress out my kid and grand kid. I would hate to have to come down there and kick butt!!!

Oh and breathe deep my dear:)