Sunday, January 11, 2009

Tasty DInner

That's right people, I had a delicious dinner. I bought some wild salmon at Sam's, made some veggies and had some pilaf. Good stuff maynard. Though, looking at this picture, holy crap that's a lot of veggies! The sad part is I am still hungry. :(

I have been spending today looking at the AP lab we are supposed to do this week. Holy crap, what was I thinking! It would have helped if I could have attended the AP workshop last summer but it conflicted with my math class.

It's been nice to have some time alone this weekend. I got a lot of things done. But I am definitely ready for David to come home.

I have a busy week coming up. I have to go to Central Office and try and convince them to let us change our schedule. How retarded is that?

Took the dogs to get a bath yesterday at Petsmart. I could have done it here in the bath tub but I wouldn't be able to stand up today. Plus, I can't lift chunky into the tub. It was bad enough yesterday she wouldn't jump into the car! It's not far! So I gave her a helping hand and that almost killed me. I put my fabulous dog seat cover on, but it didn't help since when I picked them up they were shedding fur like crazy. So now the carpet in the back of my new car is covered with dog hair. Not to mention the back windows are covered in nose prints! I guess it was time to break it in.

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