Thursday, January 15, 2009

Halfway there!

That's right peeps! We are 20 weeks today. Wowser. It's crazy because it feels like it has taken forever to get here but at the same time it's going by very quickly. Of course I feel the same way about life! I had a moment today when I said "Crap, when did 2009 get here?" It's just crazy!

So here's the pics for this week. The belly is, umm, big. I know it will get bigger but it looks HUGE from the front!

On a completely random note, I worked really hard this weekend to break the cat of the morning treat habit. I was getting tired of the screaming every morning when I am trying to get ready for work. So she had a fit but got over it. Well, Tuesday David gave her a morning treat and we were right back where we started from. This morning she was SCREAMING and I got irritated so I got the water bottle. I squirted her a couple of times but she was relentless. I had to go into the laundry room to get my lunch and it turns out she was screeching because she was out of food. Oops. Bad mother. I think she's over it though. She's happy just to have new food in her dish.

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Steph said...

you look beautiful with a belly full of child and the new haircut. i am so happy for you that it kind of hurts = ) steph...