Saturday, December 20, 2008

Let the vacation begin!

That's right folks, two weeks of sleeping and eating and not working. Gotta love it!

I have just a few more things to get for Christmas. I just hope I can remember what they are! I seem to be having a problem where my brain doesn't work. I can't remember much of anything. It totally sucks.

I had a rough week at work this past week. I am glad that is over and everyone has some time to go back to their corners and chill out. I am amazed however at how lazy some people are. They seem to think that they should be allowed to just be in their classrooms doing their own little thing without worrying about what is going on in the rest of the building. It just doesn't work like that anymore.

Without further gibber gabber, for your entertainment, 16 weeks, 2 days belly shots. This is after yet another giant meal. I think I need to start taking these in the morning. Someone asked me why faces never show up in the belly shot so I tried to get my face into a shot. The look on my face is retarded but oh well.

I forgot to mention how fabulous my skin is looking these days. Just when I conquer one giant zit, three more pop up. They seem to be most happy on my forehead and right cheek. It's just great. Oh and a shout out to adjustable waist pants. Couldn't do it without ya!

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