Friday, December 26, 2008

It's so windy here!

Urgh, I just hate the wind. It was blowing here again today. At least it wasn't dusty.

Christmas eve dinner went well. It was a little cornfusing there for a while trying to figure out who was coming, but both my mom and my dad came to dinner with DH's mom. I totally overcooked the ham, but the turkey was delicious. Then we bowled. My dad totally came out of his shell when we brought out the bowling.

Christmas we went to El Paso. It was ok. A little overwhelming.

Today mom and I went shopping. We were going to go to El Paso to the super Target but we changed our minds. So we shopped here. I got another pair of adjustable waist pants and mom bought me a new shirt. All in all it was a good day. Next week I am getting my windows tinted and started to work on AP Bio.

I am just dying to feel this twinkie move. I know i probably have at least 4 more weeks before that but gosh, can't it just hurry up!

I have another appointment on the 5th for weigh and measure. I figure after that we will sent up the appointment so we can find out what twinkie is.

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