Thursday, December 11, 2008

Holy smoked salmon batman

Seriously, this belly is outta control! I just keep thinking that I am WAY too big for how far along I am. I think, crap I have a long ways to go so if I am big today, just imagine! Urgh. I am definitely a little self conscious about it. Now don't take that like I am not happy. I am thrilled. I just don't want to be blowing anything out of proportion. I know that a large part of the belly is just chub, cuz I had some chub but I can't even suck it in! It doesn't help that I ate a HUGE lunch yesterday. But it was so good.

The one downside to this pregnancy is the headaches. I get them about 12 pm everyday and they are just killer. I went a few weeks without one, but everyday this week I have had one. And that one Tylenol I am allowed to take just don't cut it. I need morphine I think!

So the picture is 15 weeks. Crazy to think we have just 25 weeks to go. We are almost halfway!

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