Friday, November 28, 2008

I need a real hair dresser

It probably seems strange to some people, but I have been going to Smart Style inside of Walmart for 8 years. Its convenient, and most of the time the hair cut is decent. Since my hair is curly, I don't really get too caught up in it being even. But my favorite lady left to start her own business. I should have just stuck with her, but I can never seem to make an appointment or think ahead. That's why Smart Style is so easy.

So I go there tonight to get my hair cut and I am thinking of going pretty short. My first clue that i was in for a bad hair cut should have been when she tried to comb through my hair dry. Hello! Curly hair needs to be cut wet. Ok so I tell her she needs to wash it. We go to the sink and she is killing me in the washing. Pulling tugging, just so painful. We make it through that and go back. I tell her that I want 2 inches off. My hair was layered and I ASSUMED (Stupid me) that since it was already layered, she would keep the layers in the trim. I didn't say anything about NOT wanting layers. Ok so she cuts my hair but cuts it all the same length. I ask her, umm, can I get my layers back? She goes Oh you want layers? Duh bitch!

She starts layering in the back and I am a bit shocked at how layered she is doing it but I figure hey, change is ok. She spins me around to do the front so I can't see. When she spins me back around I am SHOCKED. It's SHORT! And it's longer in the back. It's dried by this point so it looks like a cotton ball. I ask her to please put some mousse in it, I still have to go shop in the store. So she does, and I am just freaking out at how bad it looks. It's HORRIBLE. I make it through the store, but when I get in the car I just lose it. I keep thinking "How am I going to go to work with this awful hair?" Luckily it's just long enough to pull pack in a pony tail. SO I get home, cry on David's shoulder, take and shower and style it the way I usually do. It is now a little better but still crazy short. I still think mullet cuz of the length in the back. But I think I can at least live with it. I would drink however, if I wasn't knocked up!

On a happier note, my friend Shauna from Phoenix came to visit today. We had such a great time. We went and ate Thai food. That was delicious, and we just hung out for awhile. I forgot how much fun it is to hang with her. I wish she lived closer.

I forgot to add, I am really disgusted with the way people get caught up in shopping for Christmas deals. It's bad enough that people camp out in front of stores to get a cheap TV, but today a crowd rushed a walmart and killed a worker. They just flat out trampled him. Is it worth it for that $400 flat screen? I don't think so. It's just so sad. I'm not even religious and I see that we have lost sight of the meaning of the holiday. People should be more thankful for the family they have in their lives. I know that sounds so corny, but I am tired of getting stressed out trying to buy "good enough" gifts. Any gift is good but Lush is better! Bad Alexis.


Steph said...

ah...i can see why you were so mortified when it first happened...but it really isn't as bad as i was expecting - i kind of like it. i like short hair though. and the belly shots are's nice to be able to watch from afar! steph...

JENNIFER said...

Lush is better! But any gift is great! I think your hair is going to look fabulous short when you straighten it. I have the picture in my head!