Thursday, October 30, 2008

Some are are stupid and some are just ignorant

We have some ladies that work at our school that I just love to death. But they say the stupidest things. For example:
1. If you eat too many tomatoes you will end up with appendicitis
2. Our grape sized fetus can hear what I say
3. Going out with wet hair will give you pneumonia

Now I now sooner or later the baby will be able to hear me. But at 9 weeks, this is not happening. For goodness sake the brain hasn't even fully developed yet! It doesn't even have ears!

On a funny note, more kids are finding out. One kid in particular I told yesterday and he was so excited. Then he decided that he wanted to be my midwife. He's currently in EMT training and wants to be a doctor. I told him that this was not an option, but he is persistent. NOT GONNA HAPPEN. So today he was talking about how excited his is, that he wanted to give me a hug. They are so funny.

So I don't think you should run out and join the skinny jeans fab. I have seen some girls that I want to tell them, "Do you realize that those jeans make your ass look about the size of Texas?" Stacey would be appalled and Clinton would cry.

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