Thursday, December 21, 2006

So I had my day 3 bloodwork last week and called to schedule my followup. The earliest I could get an appointment was Jan 18th. I couldn't go then so we are scheduled for jan 22nd. How fucking annoying is that. I am so irritated. Plus when we got to the blood place I was looking at the paperwork and he had me down for an HIV test. Now I don' t have a problem being tested for HIV but it seems like he could have TOLD me. It seems so sneaky. Anyways, i am not worried, just irritated.

I am taking this month off from temping and stressing. Well, at least I am trying. I think i will be ovulating over christmas and with MIL here it will make it hard to be amorous. Then DH is now sick so I think we can just forget it. I need to keep repeating to myself, "I;m not stressing!"

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