Sunday, December 31, 2006

New Year's Eve

So we are four hours away from 2007. Scary how fast time goes by.

I am feeling a little better about SIL pregnancy, but still, I don't want to see her and I don't want to have to fake feelings when they tell. So I hope they tell on the phone. I could be like her and just not acknowledge it, like she did with me, or I could be a bigger person and send a card or something. I don't want her to know how much it hurts. I don't think she deserves to know how I feel.

So counting from tomorrow, we have 22 days until our followup. I am hoping for a quick or not quick surgical fix. I am not ready for the IUI path, but if that's what has to happen then we will deal with that.

I am feeling very alone in my feelings though. I am considering therapy. I think it could be helpful, but then again, it could make teaching, graduate school and life even more hectic.

My mom called and wanted me to organize a leukemia walk thing. She thought I would be good at organizing. I had to remind her that I was starting grad school here in the very near future. They have a crap load of snow up there. I wish we had some snow down here.

Well, that's all for now...

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Evil Whore

So my SIL is pregnant. I think I might need to kill myself. She's just so evil! Life is so totally not fair.

Thursday, December 21, 2006

So I had my day 3 bloodwork last week and called to schedule my followup. The earliest I could get an appointment was Jan 18th. I couldn't go then so we are scheduled for jan 22nd. How fucking annoying is that. I am so irritated. Plus when we got to the blood place I was looking at the paperwork and he had me down for an HIV test. Now I don' t have a problem being tested for HIV but it seems like he could have TOLD me. It seems so sneaky. Anyways, i am not worried, just irritated.

I am taking this month off from temping and stressing. Well, at least I am trying. I think i will be ovulating over christmas and with MIL here it will make it hard to be amorous. Then DH is now sick so I think we can just forget it. I need to keep repeating to myself, "I;m not stressing!"

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The ultrasound

So today was the ultrasound. I was hoping they would put the evil dildo cam in and say "hey you're already preggers!" but that didn't happen.

They did find a fibroid in the muscle of my uterus and a ovarian cyst with septation on my left ovary. I didn't talk to the guy, he was just the radiologist, so I am not sure what's going to happen next. I have to wait until after my day 3 bloodwork to schedule my followup appointment. Maybe then we will have more answers. Until next time...