Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cold Snap

So I think our friends in the north will laugh at us but it's fucking cold here! I think it snowed in Alb, and here it's like 32 degrees. Tomorrow it's only supposed to reach 40 degrees here tomorrow. I am not cut out for the cold.

So here's the RE update.

Endo --> maybe
Ultrasound --> next week
blood --> soon

I don't feel like we have gotten anywhere.

But hey, we are moving in SOME direction.

I need to go to wally world and get some yarn for JFTB so she can have a scarf for her cold canadian winters. :)

I was teaching two step physics problems today (funny if you know I failed physics the first timein college) and I was AMAZED at how incapable my students are at THINKING on their own. I made it as simple as possible and they were still like "whaaaa". Fucking retards.

Then, in my own retarded moment, I deleted my grade book from my flash drive. In case you don't know, when you delete from a flash drive, it doesn't go to the recycle bin. It DISAPPEARS!!! I can't explain how difficult it would be to recreate the grade book. So I bought a recovery program online for 70 bucks and it RECOVERED it! I jumped up and down with joy.

I think the teacher next door to me thinks I am nuts. Funny since I am his dept. head. Damn science teachers. :) Maybe I just bring a little light to a dim hall. Yeah right, i am nuts.

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