Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Cold Snap

So I think our friends in the north will laugh at us but it's fucking cold here! I think it snowed in Alb, and here it's like 32 degrees. Tomorrow it's only supposed to reach 40 degrees here tomorrow. I am not cut out for the cold.

So here's the RE update.

Endo --> maybe
Ultrasound --> next week
blood --> soon

I don't feel like we have gotten anywhere.

But hey, we are moving in SOME direction.

I need to go to wally world and get some yarn for JFTB so she can have a scarf for her cold canadian winters. :)

I was teaching two step physics problems today (funny if you know I failed physics the first timein college) and I was AMAZED at how incapable my students are at THINKING on their own. I made it as simple as possible and they were still like "whaaaa". Fucking retards.

Then, in my own retarded moment, I deleted my grade book from my flash drive. In case you don't know, when you delete from a flash drive, it doesn't go to the recycle bin. It DISAPPEARS!!! I can't explain how difficult it would be to recreate the grade book. So I bought a recovery program online for 70 bucks and it RECOVERED it! I jumped up and down with joy.

I think the teacher next door to me thinks I am nuts. Funny since I am his dept. head. Damn science teachers. :) Maybe I just bring a little light to a dim hall. Yeah right, i am nuts.

Sunday, November 26, 2006

Slacker central

So gramie died on November 6th. That's all I have to say about that.

Tomorrow is our RE appointment. I am very excited about it. I hope that I will feel like we are moving forward. I looked up what to expect at your first appointment and found a little paragraph that I found interesting.

Ok, that's all I have to say today. I will update tomorrow.

Sunday, November 05, 2006


So gramie is dying. I think she will die sometime today. I hope she passes peacefully and in no pain. She seems to be in some pain today, but hospice shoudl take care of that.

Af is on her evil way. Joy of joy.

The cat peed on the bed. Whore. I thinkshe did it because the lid to her litter box had fallen off and she couldn't get in there. I think it was like that at least a day if not two. So I had to wash the down comforter. I almost broke the washer cuz I may have put too much soap in, and that was just a wee little bit.

So dovendarger lost 7 pounds in two weeks on this meal plan she got froma dietician. I am going to try it. But she is also taking relacore. We;ll see, I am not ready to start taking diet crapola.