Tuesday, September 26, 2006


So today I went to watch the 9th graders play in Ruidoso. These are the same kids that I coached in 7th grade and they were AWFUL!! They made me never want to coach again. But now they are really good. They get their three hits, they pass to the setter and a couple of them are getting really good at spiking.

But the downside is that I didn't get home until 8pm. David gets SO irritated when i get home late. Sometimes I wonder what his issue is. Not to mention he has allergies now and is not fun at all.

I ate clotted cream on sunday and got sick. Ate clotted cream yesterday and got serious gas. That lasted until today and then I ate some ice cream. Now I am so bloated and gassy. I need to lay off the dairy products for a few days!!!

Saw the cutest little baby today. She's only three weeks old. But it is so hard for me to get excited or want to hold a baby. I feel so cheated. The mom is like 40 years old and only tried for a few months. How fair is that? I know I know, fair is relative.

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