Thursday, September 07, 2006


Well, CD 1 again. I am not all that sad. Now I have my HSG scheduled for Sept. 13th. I have good feelings about it. I am probably just setting myself up for disappointment again but hey, gotta keep believing.

Had PTC today. only saw 37 parents out of 140. But that's ok. I get tired to talking to people and it's nice to have some time in my class without other teachers bothering me to do things for them.

Got a postcard from JFTB. It was funny. I think it made DH grouchy though. She wasn't talking about him. :) Ok I am going to bed.

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grandamslam said...

O.M.G. seriously - did DH get grouchy over it? I wasn't talking about ANYONE specific. See, men really ARE babies!