Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Talk Like Pirate Day

Ok seriously, talk like a pirate day? I love it! But I missed it.

So the sorority thing was a bust. I totally didn't fit in. I am SO not a joiner. Then they ended the meeting with a song. HOKEY!!

Soo stephiepoo, it's not that I can't CARRY a baby, I can't seem to get sperm and egg to meet. Thanks for the offer, but we are SO not there yet.

Jenn, glad you are here with me. It's MUCH faster than fucking myspace. And for me at least, the kids don't know that I am here.

So I need to call the Dr. but I feel like DH is avoiding the topic. I am a chicken and hate having to be the one to broach every subject.

Tomorrow I have nothing planned. I love that.

I got a positive OPK today. So we are on for the BD-ing. Of course, considering how sick I have been and how stoned on cold meds, it would be a major miracle.

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