Sunday, September 17, 2006

snot monsters

So the snot problems continue. I have avoided the outdoors so that has helped.

I went to an honorary education sorority meeting today. Didn't much care for it. I am not one for meetings and songs and secret handshakes. Not to mention that I stood alone for over five minutes and not one person there really talked to me. Oh well, one less thing for me to do each day.

Still waiting for DH to come home. I hope he is on his way. I know that he has to work but it really sucks. Hopefully we will have some time together tomorrow.

I am watching the very first Buffy and its so funny. I wish I had been able to watch the series to the end, but the channel it was on went away after the fourth season. Bummer.

That's all for now.

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grandamslam said...

Buffy! You silly gal! hehe - a gf of mine loooooves buffy. I'm not much for the vampire slayer!